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FuturumClix 1.6 is available now, also price has dropped!

  • Posted at Wed, May 10th 2017, 13:13

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script:

- Version bumped to 1.6
- New Function: Added buttons to remove ad packages of any kind
- New Function: Added possibility to login on any user account from PA.
- New Function: Admin can manage user times now
- New Function: Implemented Google Authenticator support for users and admins.
- New Function: Added validation to HTTP 'content-type' header in image urls.
- New Function: Point system added.
- New Function: New Bitcoin gateway: Cubits
- New Function: New Bitcoin gateway:
- Fixes: Fixed loading ALD.LocationHelper when ALD is not active.
- Fixes: Fixed: renting referrals for users which have not any.
- Fixes: Added selecting PaidOffer.url from database.
- Fixes: added url to paid offer title
- Fixes: Fixed Coinpayments cashout callback.
- Fixes: Improved NoticeHelper.
- Fixes: Changing e-mail verification is no longer possible from another account.
- Fixes: Added compatibility option to disable use of PUT HTTP method.
- Fixes: Fresh template code formatted
- Fixes: Improved support ticket informations.
- Fixes: UiKit framework on Fresh Theme is updated
- Fixes: Fixed giving ID of a user while editing profile
- Fixes: Fixed PackageBehavior to work with plugins.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with sending notifications about new drefs.
- Fixes: Added SCI setting for Advcash, it's not longer the same as Site Name from General Settings.
- Fixes: Payeer: Added new allowed IP.
- Fixes: Added exceptions when checking if Purchase Balance deposits are enabled.
- Fixes: Added triming data in user profile.
- Fixes: Fixed exceptions for PurchaseBalanceGateway.
- Fixes: Fixed choosing targetting for Chrome on Fresh template.

Also we are happy to announce that we have dropped some prices, for licenses and for modules. Enjoy!

FuturumClix 1.5 is available now!

  • Posted at Mon, Mar 6th 2017, 10:30

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script:

- Version bumped to 1.5
- New Function: Added new template "Fresh".
- New Function: Added setting to allow view forum to only logged in users.
- New Function: Added new setting to specify behavior after failed automatic cashout.
- New Function: Added user's "allow e-mails" setting.
- New Function: Implemented ROI per membership.
- New Function: Added possibility to purchase ads without login in.
- New Function: Implemented new captcha system for defending standard POST forms.
- New Function: Added BitcoinGateway for withdrawals in other than BTC currency.
- New Function: Hiding forum posts from banned users.
- New Function: Implemented deposits purge.
- Fixes: Fixed renting and buying referrals.
- Fixes: Added exception for Account Balance in Deposits onSuccess() callback.
- Fixes: Updated titles in explorer and express ads indexes in admin panel
- Fixes: Limited notice about pending deposits to ManualPayPal and last day.
- Fixes: Moved jQuery call from LoginAdsHelper to futurumclix.js.
- Fixes: Added element to display user's gateway buttons.
- Fixes: Fixed max & step values in Offerwalls module settings.
- Fixes: Fixed bug causing problems with rented referrals range detection.
- Fixes: When price is 0 do not show value on payment gateway buttons.
- Fixes: Added report ad to explorer ads.
- Fixes: Fixed hide referrer in FireFox.
- Fixes: Move rounding to CurrencyFormatter.
- Fixes: Show gateway settings in user profile only when cashouts are enabled.
- Fixes: Fixed rounding in SkrillGateway.
- Fixes: Added logic to "select all" buttons.
- Fixes: moved country flag and tooltip tags from ForumHelper to elements;
- Fixes: changed css classes for topic/forum icons.
- Fixes: Ads admin_index() optimizations.
- Fixes: added instant payment limit;
- Fixes: improved security.
- Fixes: FontAwesome updated to the latest version
- Fixes: Fixed problems with realative paths when ads are displayed.
- Fixes: Moved surfers & support to new captcha subsystem.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with unignore paid offers.
- Fixes: Added redirection to first page in PA when requested non-existing page in pagination.
- Fixes: Preserve sorting & filtering when redirecting paginator in PA.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with modals on FireFox.

FuturumClix 1.4 is available now!

  • Posted at Fri, Jan 27th 2017, 09:27

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script:

- Version bumped to 1.4
- New Function: Implemented Skrill gateway.
- New Function: Implemented OKPAY gateway.
- New Function: Implemented Manual PayPal gateway.
- New Function: Implemented Purchase History.
- New Function: Implemented database cleanup of unverified users.
- New Function: Added redirection to custom URL after payment with Purchase Balance.
- New Function: Added notice about pending payments in user's dashboard.
- New Function: Now in Purchase History user can see his pending deposits.
- New Function: Cashout limits per membership introduced: fixed sum or % of deposits.
- Fixes: Send forum subscriptions only to "Active" users.
- Fixes: Send email notifications only to "Active" users.
- Fixes: Check for Offerwalls module when setting additional model dependency.
- Fixes: Membership upgrade commission is now excluded from limits per transaction and per referral.
- Fixes: Ignore data with 0 amount in AutorenewHistory and AutopayHistory.
- Fixes: Changed LoginAd addPack() to check if ad is expired.
- Fixes: Added exceptions to Payza cashout.
- Fixes: Added scope to user's cashouts counter.
- Fixes: Fixed subpages count validation in ExplorerAds.
- Fixes: Fixed error on captcha check.
- Fixes: Send notifications only to active or not registered users.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with extending ads with package type days (BannerAds, FeaturedAds, LoginAds).
- Fixes: Fixed massaction for ExplorerAds & ExpressAds.
- Fixes: Added HTTP response code to header() calls.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with redirection on Apache.
- Fixes: Removed transfers from Account Balance to Purchase Balance from overall statistics in admins home.
- Fixes: Removed transfers from Account Balance to Purchase Balance from overall statistics chart in admins home.
- Fixes: Added default settings for ExpressAds.
- Fixes: Added default settings for ExplorerAds.
- Fixes: Fixed problem causing creating double fields in ExpressAds membership settings.
- Fixes: Fixed assign packet to not assigned express ad.

Skrill payments accepted

  • Posted at Mon, Jan 23rd 2017, 14:33

We accept payments done via Skrill from now on!

FuturumClix 1.3 is available now!

  • Posted at Mon, Jan 9th 2017, 09:20

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script.

- Version number bumped to 1.3.
- New Function: ExpressAds.
- New Function: ExplorerAds.
- New Function: Hiding HTTP referrer in PTC ads (whitelabeling traffic).
- New Function: Added counting how much user earned from Direct and Rented referral, in the list.
- New Function: Added autopay and autorenew charts to admin panel in user edit view.
- New Function: Added Online Users counter.
- New Function: Added possibility to set decimal values as cashout minimum steps.
- New Function: Payment Proof page added.
- Fixes: Cashout charts in admin panel.
- Fixes: Silenced missing index warning when deleting membership.
- Fixes: Disabled showing LoginAds modal when no ads or no news are available.
- Fixed: Allowed empty value in user's first_click field.
- Fixes: Removed filtering topic type in moderator's pagination view.
- Fixes: Disabled inactivating ads with "Days" packages.
- Fixes: Handling memberships tabs when membership have space in the name.
- Fixes: Removed editing options (in views) for ads with daily packages.
- Fixes: Cleanup of auto approve related code when package type is set to "Days".
- Fixes: Fixed missing argument in buyReferrals().
- Fixes: Buying direct referrals fixes.
- Fixes: Fixes in edit blocking when ad have "Days" package assigned.
- Fixes: Added redirection from assignTo to assign when ad have no category assigned.
- Fixes: Disabled inactivating ads after edit when autoapprove is enabled.
- Fixes: Fixed handling reCaptcha in PTC ads.
- Fixes: Moved reading today statistics number to loop to avoid problems with counting clicks in statistics on yesterday when bot click simulator is running simultaneously with daily cron.
- Fixes: Added parsing \n in support tickets.
- Fixes: Fixed url to PayPal deposit callback
- Fixes: Added XBT/BTC to Installer.
- Fixes: When renting is disabled, upgrade page won't show any details from renting options
- Fixes: Fixed errors when captcha is enabled but type is not selected.
- Fixes: Fixed checking list of commission items available for membership.

Let me explain what the new options are:

ExpressAds is a new advertisement type, which let's you advertise all pages which are breaking frames or not working in the frames at all, like Facebook, YouTube, eBay auctions etc.
ExpressAds have no timer at all, so users watching this advertisement will be redirected to advertised page straight away.

ExplorerAds is a new advertisement type, which let's users to interact much better with advertisements. Users is obliged to watch specified amount of subpages on advertised page so advertisers
will get much better stats and results because of that type of advertising.

Hiding HTTP referrer is also called white labelling traffic. It means that advertiser won't see the source of traffic, it will be shown as Direct Traffic.

All those new features are available for free for our customers, they are included in the main script package.

New version of the script is available.

  • Posted at Thu, Sep 29th 2016, 16:25

We are pleased to announce availability of updated script.
There are few changes and bugfixes included in new script package.
New features are:

1. Unique settings for clearing ads. Now you can choose between five options to clear advertisements for your users

- daily, at the midnight for every user (most common setting on PTC sites)
- accurate, every 24h per user and advertisement
- first, constant reset time taken from first clicked advertisement yesterday
- last, constant reset time taken from last clicked advertisement yesterday
- constant, constant reset time per user taken from the very first clicked advertisement

2. Added flags of every user on forum

3. Added links to earning options, dashboard, ToS etc to forum in default theme

4. Added new variable %uplineusername% for sending emails about new direct referral on the site

5. BotSystem statistics are now included in home page of admin panel showing outcome and income costs.

6. Small improvements and bugfixes

Next update will bring at least two BitCoins gateways: Blockchain and Coinpayments and much more improvements.

Stay tuned for more news! is launched!

  • Posted at Mon, Sep 19th 2016, 09:36
  • Last modification at Mon, Sep 19th 2016, 09:36

We are pleased to announce immediate avalibility of our new script

Script is available to buy with PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Payeer or PerfectMoney. More payment methods will be available in the future.

Feel free to ask us any questions related to the script. We also encourage you to check out our website and our demos of the script.

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