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FuturumClix 1.6 is available now, also price has dropped!

  • Posted at Wed, May 10th 2017, 13:13

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script:

- Version bumped to 1.6
- New Function: Added buttons to remove ad packages of any kind
- New Function: Added possibility to login on any user account from PA.
- New Function: Admin can manage user times now
- New Function: Implemented Google Authenticator support for users and admins.
- New Function: Added validation to HTTP 'content-type' header in image urls.
- New Function: Point system added.
- New Function: New Bitcoin gateway: Cubits
- New Function: New Bitcoin gateway:
- Fixes: Fixed loading ALD.LocationHelper when ALD is not active.
- Fixes: Fixed: renting referrals for users which have not any.
- Fixes: Added selecting PaidOffer.url from database.
- Fixes: added url to paid offer title
- Fixes: Fixed Coinpayments cashout callback.
- Fixes: Improved NoticeHelper.
- Fixes: Changing e-mail verification is no longer possible from another account.
- Fixes: Added compatibility option to disable use of PUT HTTP method.
- Fixes: Fresh template code formatted
- Fixes: Improved support ticket informations.
- Fixes: UiKit framework on Fresh Theme is updated
- Fixes: Fixed giving ID of a user while editing profile
- Fixes: Fixed PackageBehavior to work with plugins.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with sending notifications about new drefs.
- Fixes: Added SCI setting for Advcash, it's not longer the same as Site Name from General Settings.
- Fixes: Payeer: Added new allowed IP.
- Fixes: Added exceptions when checking if Purchase Balance deposits are enabled.
- Fixes: Added triming data in user profile.
- Fixes: Fixed exceptions for PurchaseBalanceGateway.
- Fixes: Fixed choosing targetting for Chrome on Fresh template.

Also we are happy to announce that we have dropped some prices, for licenses and for modules. Enjoy!