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New version of the script is available.

  • Posted at Thu, Sep 29th 2016, 16:25

We are pleased to announce availability of updated script.
There are few changes and bugfixes included in new script package.
New features are:

1. Unique settings for clearing ads. Now you can choose between five options to clear advertisements for your users

- daily, at the midnight for every user (most common setting on PTC sites)
- accurate, every 24h per user and advertisement
- first, constant reset time taken from first clicked advertisement yesterday
- last, constant reset time taken from last clicked advertisement yesterday
- constant, constant reset time per user taken from the very first clicked advertisement

2. Added flags of every user on forum

3. Added links to earning options, dashboard, ToS etc to forum in default theme

4. Added new variable %uplineusername% for sending emails about new direct referral on the site

5. BotSystem statistics are now included in home page of admin panel showing outcome and income costs.

6. Small improvements and bugfixes

Next update will bring at least two BitCoins gateways: Blockchain and Coinpayments and much more improvements.

Stay tuned for more news!