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FuturumClix 1.4 is available now!

  • Posted at Fri, Jan 27th 2017, 09:27

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new version of FuturumClix.
Below is the list of main changes and fixes done in the script:

- Version bumped to 1.4
- New Function: Implemented Skrill gateway.
- New Function: Implemented OKPAY gateway.
- New Function: Implemented Manual PayPal gateway.
- New Function: Implemented Purchase History.
- New Function: Implemented database cleanup of unverified users.
- New Function: Added redirection to custom URL after payment with Purchase Balance.
- New Function: Added notice about pending payments in user's dashboard.
- New Function: Now in Purchase History user can see his pending deposits.
- New Function: Cashout limits per membership introduced: fixed sum or % of deposits.
- Fixes: Send forum subscriptions only to "Active" users.
- Fixes: Send email notifications only to "Active" users.
- Fixes: Check for Offerwalls module when setting additional model dependency.
- Fixes: Membership upgrade commission is now excluded from limits per transaction and per referral.
- Fixes: Ignore data with 0 amount in AutorenewHistory and AutopayHistory.
- Fixes: Changed LoginAd addPack() to check if ad is expired.
- Fixes: Added exceptions to Payza cashout.
- Fixes: Added scope to user's cashouts counter.
- Fixes: Fixed subpages count validation in ExplorerAds.
- Fixes: Fixed error on captcha check.
- Fixes: Send notifications only to active or not registered users.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with extending ads with package type days (BannerAds, FeaturedAds, LoginAds).
- Fixes: Fixed massaction for ExplorerAds & ExpressAds.
- Fixes: Added HTTP response code to header() calls.
- Fixes: Fixed problems with redirection on Apache.
- Fixes: Removed transfers from Account Balance to Purchase Balance from overall statistics in admins home.
- Fixes: Removed transfers from Account Balance to Purchase Balance from overall statistics chart in admins home.
- Fixes: Added default settings for ExpressAds.
- Fixes: Added default settings for ExplorerAds.
- Fixes: Fixed problem causing creating double fields in ExpressAds membership settings.
- Fixes: Fixed assign packet to not assigned express ad.